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bug#10866: 1.11a OSX with llvm - 3 fails, 47 skips, 3 errors, out of 285

From: P. Martin
Subject: bug#10866: 1.11a OSX with llvm - 3 fails, 47 skips, 3 errors, out of 2856 tests
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2012 19:07:05 +0000 (GMT)

On Mar 12, 2012, Stefano Lattarini <address@hidden> wrote: 

> tries to look
> at either the git history or the ChangeLog file to determine which the most
> recent change is (and thus which "version" of automake is being tested).
> Until now, the script assumed it would have been run from either a git
> checkout (where the git history is available) or from a distribution
> tarball (where the ChangeLog is available, being created upon "make dist").

Thanks for the patch.  It fixes test 1 so it skips not error.
Your reply did bring some better information to light.

1.  This .git issue has come up before.  Your env var is GIT_DIR.
git clone ignores .git by upstream design.

2.  Homebrew only has stable 1.11.3, with no make check option.

3.  Your test finds the ChangeLog in 1.11.3 without any problems,
and test 1 is a skip on Lion then.  

Results with 1.11a d63c932 :  2 Fail, 22 Skip, 0 Error, 2910 total.

FAIL: cond41.test
FAIL: distcheck-override-infodir.test

Darn.  Those are back.  Same ones I started posting about.
Because I've gone through three versions of XCode in the last two
months, I really should do a clean install before we address these.
For curiosity sake, I attached the latest log.  If something is obvious,
let me know.  I can wait a day or two.

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