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bug#11034: Binutils, GDB, GCC and Automake's 'cygnus' option

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: bug#11034: Binutils, GDB, GCC and Automake's 'cygnus' option
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 12:04:41 +0200


I see that binutils, GCC and GDB still use the Automake's 'cygnus' option
in some of their makefiles:

  $ grep_cygnus() {
  >   grep -r 'cygnus' . \
  >    | perl -ne '/(^|address@hidden)cygnus($|(:!\.com\b))/ and print' \
  >    | grep -v '^[^:]*/Makefile\.in:'; \
  > }

  $ (cd ~/src/binutils && grep_cygnus) # BINUTILS
  ./bfd/doc/Makefile.am:AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = 1.9 cygnus
  ./binutils/doc/Makefile.am:AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = cygnus
  ./etc/configure.texi:AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = cygnus
  ./gas/doc/Makefile.am:AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = 1.8 cygnus

  $ (cd ~/src/gdb && grep_cygnus) # GDB
  ./bfd/doc/Makefile.am:AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = 1.9 cygnus
  ./etc/configure.info:     AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = cygnus
  ./etc/configure.texi:AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = cygnus

  $ (cd ~/src/gcc && grep_cygnus) # GCC
  ./zlib/Makefile.am:AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = 1.8 cygnus

But this option is going to be deprecated in Automake 1.12.1 and removed in
Automake 1.13:


I just wanted to give you this head-up so that you won't be unpleasantly
surprised by the change.  Note that the actual removal of the 'cygnus'
option won't take place until Automake 1.13, which will at best be
released five or six months from now (and probably later than that).

Best regards,

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