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Internet By SIC Codes

From: lfozjivgit
Subject: Internet By SIC Codes bsedo
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 17:56:59 -0400

You can now access up-to-date data for 1.6 million companies worldwide. All of 
them have their own '.com' domain name on the Internet, making them top 
prospects for Internet business.

MasterCD 2001 provides e-mail addresses, contact names, phone and fax numbers, 
company SIC codes, and optionally mailing addresses, allowing you to run e-mail 
and fax promotions, make telephone contacts, and plan marketing strategies.

MasterCD 2001 allows you to sort data and choose companies according to your 
preferences, either by industry classification and/or geographically using 
Phone Area Codes, Zip Codes, City or State.

Data can be exported to contact-management, spreadsheet, and broadcasting 

MasterCD 2001 costs US $649. Mailing addresses are available for an additional 
US $399. Semi-annual updates are available for US $199. We are now shipping May 
2001 edition.

For a brochure with full details, call (604) 552-4383 or print out and fax the 
form below to (604) 608-5566.

Company name: __________________________________________

Contact name: __________________________________________

Phone: _________________________________________________

Fax: ___________________________________________________

Mailing Address:________________________________________

City, Zip, State:_______________________________________


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