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A Perfect TAN WITHOUT THE SUN or your money back.

From: jan_mothers
Subject: A Perfect TAN WITHOUT THE SUN or your money back.
Date: Sun, 09 Sep 2001 23:22:16 GMT


I think you will be extremely interested in DEEPTAN 
tanning pills. I have been using them for just under a 
year to provide me with a suntan without the sun. 
They work perfectly.
Infact because I was so satisfied with the product I recently 
decided to join the companies affiliate program.
The following is some brief information on the product for
detailed information please click the link at the bottom.
I am certain you will be as satisfied with the product as
I have been.

Jan Mothers

Obtain A Perfect Tan Safely And Easily Without The Sun
As Seen On TV And The National Media

DEEPTAN enables you to obtain a beautiful dark golden tan,
without exposing yourself to damaging UV rays. 

No more burning, premature aging and even skin cancer. 

Not a dyed, fake orange tan usually associated with other 
tanning tablets and messy creams, but a natural golden tan.

Find out how DEEPTAN will give you the perfect summer tan
within the comfort of your own home today, visit:


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