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Re: set -n ruins shell

From: George Herson
Subject: Re: set -n ruins shell
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 17:37:09 -0400
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Chet Ramey wrote:

The man bash page does say set -n is ignored by interactive shells. (On page 74, if printed out.)

Well, that's a bug somewhere.

How can i use set -n to check scripts?  It fails with a script argument.

`bash -n scriptname'

Has the same problem as when I run w/o an argument, as i've said twice before.

man bash, p3, talks about how to get a login shell and an interactive one but not how to get a noninteractive shell.

A non-interactive shell is one started to run a script or `-c command'.

address@hidden /root]# cat > /tmp/tmpscript
echo "hello"
address@hidden /root]# bash -c "set -n /tmp/tmpscript"  # line 2
address@hidden /root]# echobad
bash: echobad: command not found

tmpscript has a syntax error so why didn't I get any output from line 2?


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