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History problem

From: Holger Jahn
Subject: History problem
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 10:04:36 +0200


Versions 2.04 + 2.05 show the same strange behaviour in
remembering the previous command line. I have tried both
a linux virtual console and a xterm.

Reproduce it:

1) Recall a command line by pressing "arrow up".
2) Jump to the beginning of the line.
3) Change the line by inserting a few blanks plus some
   other silly stuff.
4) Eexecute it by hitting "Enter".

Now try to recall this changed line by hitting the arrow
key again.

The changed line is disappeared. 

I've seen that it doesn't disappear, if the first char
in the line isn't a blank.

The same shit happens if I paste a line with a middle-mouse
click. It never goes into the history nirvana.

Look's like a bug (and it is annoying I you work like I the
whole day long with the shell [beside: I really love it!]).

Thanks in advance,


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