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Re: paths in xp and 2000

From: nanjil
Subject: Re: paths in xp and 2000
Date: 12 Dec 2001 06:58:49 -0800

I just verified that this bug occurs only when you UPGRADE from
win98/me to 2000/xp. bash correctly inherit the path variable in clean
2000 installation.
So my guess is that bash is somehow reading something from leftover
win98/me files and getting confused.

Any suggestions; I have removed autoexec.bat and that did not help

address@hidden (Chet Ramey) wrote in message news:<address@hidden>...
> > I have upgraded from win 98 to 2000 at work and winme to xp at home. Both of
> > them had gnu bash.
> > 
> > However after the upgrade, I find that the bash shell is not inheriting the
> > path which had I set in the environment variable as
> > 
> > c:\fsf\bin
> > 
> > so I have to type full path name for all the gnu commands under bash.
> > 
> > But dos shell works fine and understands the path.
> If you're using cygwin, ask the cygwin folks.

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