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Obscure problem with Bash when printing

From: James Richard Tyrer
Subject: Obscure problem with Bash when printing
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2003 13:36:12 -0700
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I have been advised of a serious problem when printing in Linux using a spooler/filter when printing a PostScript file that does not have the fonts embedded.

I am using GNUlpr. The daemon: "lpd" (running as root) calls the: "master-filter" script (running as the user that submitted the job) which calls GhostScript (as the user that submitted the job).

The problem is that when GhostScript is called that the environment strings: GS_LIB and GS_FONTPATH are not set. The fix for this appeared to be to make the: "master-filter" script a login script so that: "profile" would be run before GhostScript was called. This worked for fonts installed system wide -- providing that they were properly configured to work with GhostScript and that the search paths were set correctly.

However, if the path set by: "profile" (in a 'profile.d' script on my system) is in HOME (e.g. $HOME/.fonts), it doesn't work. :-( I find that the problem is that for some reason that HOME is being set to: '/' rather then: "/home/$USER". The odd thing is that (sticking echo statements in the: "master-filter" script) `id -un` reports the correct user name.

This appears to be set incorrectly in this code in: "shell.c":

  struct passwd *entry;

  /* Don't fetch this more than once. */
  if(current_user.user_name == 0)
      entry = getpwuid(current_user.uid);
          current_user.user_name = savestring(entry->pw_name);
          current_user.shell = (entry->pw_shell && entry->pw_shell[0])
                                ? savestring(entry->pw_shell)
                                : savestring("/bin/sh");
          current_user.home_dir = savestring(entry->pw_dir);
          current_user.user_name = savestring("I have no name!");
          current_user.shell = savestring("/bin/sh");
          current_user.home_dir = savestring("/");

I'm not sure exactly what is happening here but: "current_user.uid" appears to get set to the value returned by: "getuid()" in: "uidget()", but is it executed?

So, the question is, if "getuid()" reports the correct user, should HOME be correctly set to the home directory for that user? And, if not -- which is the case here -- is this a bug in Bash?


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