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ezmlm response

From: ss-eloise-help
Subject: ezmlm response
Date: 1 Oct 2003 01:07:40 -0000

Unfortunately, we have been unable to process your request, since the address


was not on the ss-eloise mailing list when your request was received and is not 
a current subscriber to this list.

If you have unsubscribed, but continue to receive mail, you're subscribed under 
a different address than the one you currently use.
Please look at the header for:

'Return-Path: <address@hidden>'

This shows that the subscription address is address@hidden''.
The unsubscribe address for this user would be:

Just mail to that address, adjusted for the real subscription address.

If the message has a ``List-Unsubscribe:'' header, you can send
a message to the address in that header. It contains the subscription
already coded into it.

For some mail programs, you need to make the headers visible to see the return 

For Eudora 4.0, click on the "Blah blah ..." button.
For PMMail, click on "Window->Show entire message/header". 

If this still doesn't work, unfortunately we can’t help you.
Please FORWARD a list message along with a note stating the problem and a list 
of addresses that you might be subscribed
under to:


who will try to assist you. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Return-Path: <address@hidden>
The original attachment has been remove.

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