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Re: Question mark expansion in echo statements busted?

From: mod+bashbug
Subject: Re: Question mark expansion in echo statements busted?
Date: Sat, 08 Nov 2003 20:04:32 -0500

>> Description:
>>       Can't have env variables with question marks in them?
>> Repeat-By:
>>  echo $BASH_VERSION
>>  a='LEFT'
>>  echo $a
>>  z='RIGHT'
>>  echo $z
>>  x='fubar'
>>  echo $x
>>  echo $a$x$z
>>  x='fub?ar'
>>  echo $x
>>  echo $a$x$z
>>  echo $a$z
>>  x='fubar'
>>  echo $x
>>  echo $a$x$z
>There's no evidence here of any bug at all.  Maybe you could repost
>with the behavior you expect and what happens when you run the script.

Upon further investigation, I now see that you're
likely correct - if the expansion in question is
properly positioned within double quotes, all is
well - my apologies for the spurious complaint.

I'll note that this situation was drawn to my
attention primarily because the behavior in question is
apparently different in 1.x and early 2.x versions (as
opposed to current versions) of bash - I now realize
that it's probably the case that this had been broken
forever (the quotes previously not being necessary)
until being fixed relatively recently.  Oh, well...

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