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DM for the IT customers in China

From: greatbase
Subject: DM for the IT customers in China
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 12:58:36 +0800

UDG Direct Mail Direct Mail is still one of the most cost-effective ways to bring in new customers. According to a DMA study conducted last year, an investment of .09¢ to .12¢ brought a return of $1. Another study, conducted by Pitney Bowes, found that Direct Mail generated a higher percentage of Internet Sales than Internet Advertising, TV and Radio. Our Marketplace can help.UDG is the best data's company for IT in China,there are some data over 5000000 items in the database of UDG.In fact,we can combine direct mail, e-mail and call center to market directly to your target audience. A traditional reply coupon as well as online data capture (form UDG) builds you a hot prospect list extremely quickly. More people shall respond to your direct mail when we design, print, mail ,post e-mail and fulfil it for you. Get big responses by telephone, post, e-mail or online.For your information, pls check http://www.greatbase.com.cn/meeting/dm.php 上海大鼎信息技术有限公司 TEL:+86 21 62932014 电子信箱: address@hidden
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