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The state of America from the Keyboard of a great marketer/man, who has

From: knowledge
Subject: The state of America from the Keyboard of a great marketer/man, who has been reduced to being called a SPAMMER! :-(
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 21:07:10 -0500

address@hidden what's it all about?


Well..., .I have an email knowledgemercial which is intended to be healthy 
nourishment for your mind

Send an email with the subject of "Send Information" if you want to know more 
after reading this short life altering message.

 I will make you much healthier, wealthier, and wiser if you do. Now sit back 
and read my message to America. :-)

Thanks for taking the time to look at this. This is not going to be your usual 
sales pitch. I've tried dozens of professionally done pitches. I had "0" 
results with all of them. So I'm going to do it my way this time. At least I 
will get something off my chest this way.

I may be breaking all of the rules in sales, as far as how I should talk to 
people that I'm trying to entice to buy my excellent goods and services, but 
being nice to people isn't working.  So I'm going to speak from the heart to 
the heart..

The internet was supposed to be a place where the playing field would finally 
be level for everyone. No one could see you; so all of the prejudices that come 
into door to door marketing are not a factor. 

People weren't supposed to know your gender, your age, your height and weight, 
your religion, your education, your financial status, or your race. You could 
avoid talking on the phone and just use email. Of course people can also 
determine your social status by how well you write right...?

I guess I am far more enlightened than most people. I know when I look in a 
catalog,  I don't decide not to buy from them because I am not sure who is 
going to get the money on the other end. 

The same can be said online. If I see something interesting, I follow up and 
purchase it without regard to anything other than the cost, whether it will 
work or not, and whether the website is safe to use.

 I have used dozens over the last decade and I have never had any of my private 
information compromised. It happens, but so do plane crashes and getting hit by 
lightning. Those things probably won't happen to any of you either.

You get a great product and a website, market it online a few years and head to 
Siberia to retire. Well it hasn't turned out that way for most people. 

It seems to me that about all the internet is good for is looking at explicit 
pictures, chatting about sex, and fantasizing about same. What a waste of an 
extraordinary resource!

I expected Republicans to scream and holler about SPAM when they receive my 
email because MOST Republicans don't want anyone to make any money other than 
themselves and their rich friends.

They certainly don't give a cazzo about the people out here like myself who 
have been pushed, forced out of the job market because of the insane policies 
our current government has towards it's own citizens.

It's a pity that in the richest country in the world, seniors, your 
grandparents, and parents  have to drive to Mexico, or to Canada to buy 
prescription medicine because our government is to cold-blooded.

 The greedy special interests who control them won't allow the medicine and 
other things that people need to be made affordable to all.

Now it's you Democrats who holler and scream at me for sharing information with 
you about these excellent products and services I market who really puzzle me.

You all should understand and be tolerant of people like me who have given 
nearly fifteen years of honorable service to America. I have a university 
Bachelors degree, and I have kept my close clean for decades.

You all know the job market is messed up. Record unemployment. It's growing 
daily. You talk about it every day in the news and on TV.

Democrats are constantly whining about their civil rights being eroded, and 
rightfully so. Democrats are also quite comfortable legalizing every form of 
perverted lifestyle one can imagine, and some we can't even begin to imagine. 
So why do you all get so bent out of shape over SPAM...? 

I have been called names worse than any homosexual, or child molester just 
because I have decided to scratch out an honest living marketing excellent 
services online instead of turning to drugs, and other criminal activity as so 
many Americans do. 

The drug dealers and users are looked on with respect when they drive around in 
their flashy cars and go to the banks with a pocket full of illegal money they 
made from selling dope to your children and poisoning them for life. When I 
pull up in my 1992 Mercury Tracer I get laughs, and derision. 

That's OK! It's paid for and I bought it the old fashioned way. I earned the 
money honestly.

Yet because they have perfect credit, many banks seem to love criminals and so 
does most of the rest of the society it seems.

Why don't you anti-spam folks worry about how George Bush has deceived the 
American public, and then issued orders causing the deaths of thousands of tiny 
Iraqi, and Afghani babies and children.

If you hate foreigners, then how about the over 300 American troops who have 
been killed and the thousands of wonderful men and women, yout family members,  
who have lost eyes, legs, arms, and whose lives have been basically ruined. For 
what purpose?

We certainly aren't safer now. When you frame, slander, libel, and attack 
people in your neighborhood, you aren't making life safer for your family. The 
family and friends of the innocent people you harmed will come after you in 
self defense. It is not a question of IF they are going to do it, but WHEN. 
The same thing applies in the world community.

 Do you have any more money in your pockets because of this ongoing  massacre? 
The elite rich do, but 99% of the American public  haven't benefited at all 
from this Iraq roguery.

How would you feel if someone came to your home and demanded that you become a 
Jehovah's Witness? A Latter Day Saint? A Muslim? Or a Southern snake handling 

Would you just bow your head and go along with them? Or would you tell them in 
no uncertain terms to get off your property and not come back. I suspect the 
second choice. 

Yet most of you all seem to not understand why Iraq, Panama, and other 
countries resist our invading and then dictating to them. We are the most 
violent nation on the planet by far. America is the Nations that needs to be 
regulated closely by the UN for sure.

Bring the troops home NOW! Rebuild what you destroyed, apologize to them for 
your savagery, and inhumaneness, then get out of there.  Let's work on the real 
terrorists we have here inside America who make life miserable for millions of 
us every day!

Well, enough of that. I'm just pointing out that it is ludicrous to hate people 
who send you email that you don't request and then  be concerned little, if at 
all over the thousands of people around the world who haven't done anything to 
us that we have setup with lies and then massacred just like we did the North 
American Indians.

So what do I have to do to get you to ask me to send you the web links to all 
of this amazing information? Why are you not willing to buy from honest, hard 
working people like myself?

 Please read and immediately get back to me saying you want to take advantage 
of one or more of these great offers.

 A National Chamber of Commerce said in it's November 2003 meeting in 
Philadelphia that this company is the number one way for ANYONE to pull 
themselves out of cash flow problems quickly and easily.
 What can you buy for just pennies a day? Maybe a newspaper or cup of coffee? 
What about an entire day's worth of legal rights protection? With one of our 
memberships, you will have access to a nationwide network of quality attorneys 
for just pennies a day.
 Get the money you need when you need it! With today's concerns about rising 
taxes, now is the time to plan your strategy and consider the advantages of 
running your own business. We'll show you how to get started and provide 
on-going training. Unlimited income potential
 more information, call: or  send email with subject header of "Send 
 and I will send you precise data on how to take advantage of these cataclysmic 
 I also have excellent health savings plans for those who can't afford the 
extraordinarily high costs of Health insurance. They range from $34.95 to 
$109.95 a month instead of the $300.00 and up many Americans are being forced 
to pay.
 Finally, I also offer UNLIMITED, North American wide local and long distance 
calling plans for as little as $19.95 a month over broadband. Ask me how please
 Thank you for your time.

 Amicably Yours
 Independent Associate
 (address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>) 

Long Live Michael Moore!! 

Vote Michael Moore for president in 2003!

 I'll be his Vice President and make sure he doesn't detour from what is good 
for the American people.

Jobs are good! 

Acting like a bull in a China shop with other friendly nations is not good! 
Ignoring the will of the United Nations is devilish!

Looking at the world with a mind that sees the reality of things is awesome.

We need to stop having this paranoid, hatemongerish worldview that most seem to 

You must walk the walk as well as talk the talk if you are going to be a Real  
Christian.  I see TV preachers condemning abortion and then supporting the 
massacre of little babies in Iraq and afghanistan. 

GOD does not like those types of preachers and presidents. Only Satan does. 
They are delusional if they believe otherwise. You can't hate people of color 
and think you are going to heaven. According to the Bible, hearly every 
important person there is black, or dark skinned, Jesus, Moses, Noah, Solomon, 
queen of Sheba, Bathsheba, King David, Hagar, you name it.

Matthew Chapter 5  Verse 9   "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be 
called the children of God"

Now show me where the bible says that people who wage/support massacres of 
innocent populations using false pretenses are highly thought of by the SUPREME 
BEING, and he grants them private conversations as GWB, Pat Robertson, and 
others claim to be able to do. Can you? 

 This message is intended for the sole use of the individual and entity
 to whom it is addressed, and may contain information that is privileged,
 confidential and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If you 
 are not the intended addressee, nor authorized to receive for the 
 intended addressee, you are hereby notified that you may not use, 
 copy, disclose or distribute to anyone the message or any information 
 contained in this message. If you have received this message in error,
 please immediately advise the sender by reply email and delete the


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