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Price Update

From: address@hidden
Subject: Price Update
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2004 09:56:52 +0800

The following basic watches are offered in assorted sytle and assorted color in 
your brand name:

Basic PVC Leather Watches   US$1.00
Basic alloy watches                US$1.30
Pnp Bracelet Watches             US$1.10
S.S. Band Watches                 US$1.30
Jumbo Alloy Watches              US$1.50
Leather Fashion Watches       US$1.25
Pocket Watches                      US$1.70
Ornament & watches set        US$2.30

Reliable Swiss Parts Movement, Long Life original Battery.
Movements replaceable by movement manufacturer

Contacts: address@hidden   Mr. Eddie So
                address@hidden        Miss Ling Or
                address@hidden         Miss Kate Chan

Website: www.wikol.com


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