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Re: {Virus?} Error

From: mosaic-x
Subject: Re: {Virus?} Error
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 03:11:33 -0500

Thank you for contacting NCSA Mosaic Technical Support.

If you have sent us a problem report, crash dump, or other information
requested by Mosaic, we thank you for your feedback.  If you are asking
for information or help, this *automated* reply is to let you know that
your message didn't fall into the great bit-bucket in the sky.

Due to both the user community's overwhelming positive response to NCSA
Mosaic and the increasing number of users, the volume of technical support
questions we're getting has risen dramatically.  While we continue to
strive to provide the best possible support we can, we may not be able
to respond to your question if the answer is already publicly available

To help us serve you better, please determine if the answer to your
question is already available in one of our Frequently Asked Question
(FAQ) documents.  The NCSA Mosaic Online FAQ can be found within Mosaic
by pulling down the "Help" menu and selecting "On FAQ..."  In addition,
we reccommend checking out the following online documentation:

 FTP from "ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu":
     /Mosaic/Licensing/LICENSING.FAQ    (Information on licensing and
                                        copyright restrictions on NCSA Mosaic)

     /Mosaic/Unix/README.Mosaic         (Information on how to download
                                        NCSA Mosaic)

 Current flavors of NCSA Mosaic are:

     Mosaic-sun.Z             Sun 4, SunOS 4.1.x
     Mosaic-sun-lresolv.Z     Sun 4, SunOS 4.1.x, no DNS
     Mosaic-solaris-23.Z      Sun Solaris for v2.3 on SPARC
     Mosaic-solaris-24.Z      Sun Solaris for v2.4 on SPARC
     Mosaic-solaris-24-x86.Z  Sun Solaris for v2.4 on x86
     Mosaic-sgi.Z             Silicon Graphics, IRIX 4.x.
     Mosaic-indy.Z            Silicon Graphics, IRIX 5.2
     Mosaic-ibm.Z             IBM RS/6000, AIX 3.2.
     Mosaic-dec.Z             DEC MIPS Ultrix.
     Mosaic-alpha.Z           DEC Alpha AXP, OSF/1.
     Mosaic-hp700.Z           HP 9000/700, HP/UX 9.x
     Mosaic-linux-elf.Z       Linux 1.2.13 Elf (Motif Static)
     Mosaic-linux-static.Z    Linux 1.2.13 Full Static Build

 Online help via URL:
   The NCSA Mosaic for X Window System Homepage:
    (Contains links to documentation of Mosaic's features as
     well as a variety of other very helpful links.)

   General Information about NCSA Mosaic:
    (Or, while in Mosaic, open the "Help" menu and click on "About".)

   Online Documentation for NCSA Mosaic:
    (Or, while in Mosaic, open the "Help" menu and click on "Manual".)

 You can acquire NCSA Mosaic for X from our FTP server at:
        ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu         in directory:
        Mosaic/Unix/binaries/2.6        (The latest "Final" release)
        Mosaic/Unix/binaries/2.7b5      (The latest Beta release)

If the answer to your question can be found in one of above locations, we
may be unable to respond to your request.  Also, please be sure you are
using the most recent version of Mosaic before contacting us -- Otherwise,
you may be reporting bugs that have already been fixed.  As of July 7th,
1995, the latest fully supported version of Mosaic for X is 2.6.

Please note that we cannot provide support for versions of Mosaic produced by
organizations other than NCSA, most notably Spyglass/Spry Mosaic and ports
such as the "L10N" and VMS versions. (Although we are looking into being
able to provide a VMS version in the future.)

A list of *UNSUPPORTED*, contributed binaries available from our FTP
server is at:


Also, due to our limited resources, we are generally unable to assist
you in compiling Mosaic from source.  Your best bet for these problems
is your local System Administrator.

In the event that your question is not covered by any of the sources
mentioned above, we will attempt to reply to you as quickly as possible.

Please do not send us core files unless we ask you for them -- Mail
containing unsolicited core files will be deleted automatically.  If you
sent a core file, please resend just the stack trace (if available), and
an accurate enough decsription of what you were doing that we can
attempt to duplicate the behavior here.

Also, please bear in mind that as almost all our Technical Support
Resources are currently dedicated to supporting NCSA Mosaic, we cannot
provide information about the location of specific resources on the net.

While we know that nobody likes to wait, please understand that it may
take us some time to respond to your request.  Your patience is greatly

(FYI: If you do a "finger address@hidden", the "plan" field
tells you how old our oldest unanswered mail is on any given day.)

Mitch Kutzko, Jeff Gerard, Jason Habbley
NCSA Mosaic Technical Support
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

(This page last updated April 8, 1996.)

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