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convert-meta and UTF-8

From: Herculano de Lima Einloft Neto
Subject: convert-meta and UTF-8
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 21:10:41 -0200
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Using a terminal which works with real Meta characters instead of an ESC
prefix is essential for things like VIM keybindings. Bash and Readline
have always dealt well with this to my knowledge, through the
convert-meta option. What happens is that while VIM seems to properly
recognize characters with an `eighth bit set' in UTF-8, Readline appears
quite confused by it. All keybindings based on Meta break when using
this setup, since most Meta compositions are seen as, e.g., two M-c
M-<char> bytes, and the M-c binding always gets triggered, while the
other doesn't seem to. I hope this can be fixed soon enough, otherwise
moving to UTF-8 will have to wait.

Herculano de Lima Einloft Neto

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