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4th problem: Bug cross-compiling bash (with buildroot): size doesn't wor

From: kus Kusche Klaus
Subject: 4th problem: Bug cross-compiling bash (with buildroot): size doesn't work
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 15:46:45 +0200

I'm cross-compiling bash (see quote below for versions and environment).

Making fails because "size" produces an error about unknown file

This happens because the Makefile applies the host's native "size"
command to target binaries in two places, and in my case, the "size"
program of the host is unable to handle the file format of the target.

Klaus Kusche                 (Software Development - Control Systems)
KEBA AG             Gewerbepark Urfahr, A-4041 Linz, Austria (Europe)
Tel: +43 / 732 / 7090-3120                 Fax: +43 / 732 / 7090-8919
E-Mail: address@hidden                                WWW: www.keba.com

> > > Bash version is 3.0 (with the patches applied by buildroot).
> > > The host system is Windows/Interix, but with a complete GNU 
> > > toolchain (gcc, make, bash, ...) instead of the Interix programs.
> > > However, the host system's C library and headers are still 
> > > those from Interix, not glibc.
> > > The target system is an embedded system with uclibc library 
> > > and headers.

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