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end-of-line behavior with vi mode

From: Gregory Shaw
Subject: end-of-line behavior with vi mode
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 11:39:21 -0600

Pardon me if this is a FAQ (I didn't see anything in the FAQ that addressed this), but:

When in emacs mode, if I execute a line-up (via a line-up or ctrl-p) to the previous history item, the cursor is set to the end-of-the-line. If I set vi mode, and execute an up-arrow, the cursor is still and end-of-line. However, if I use a escape-k (line-up in vi), the cursor goes to the start of the line. Is there some configuration item that allows the line-up to work the same in all cases? I like the line-up to go to the end of the line, as that is typically closer to the typo in the command line.

I've dug through the manual, but have found no reference to this behavior.

I haven't found any recent version of bash that doesn't have this same behavior. I've tested with 3.00.14 (solaris), 3.00.14(1) (fedora core 3), 2.0.5b (red hat 8) among others.


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