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Dis.counted Autodesk, Corel, XP, Adobe, software for sale - qfta

Subject: Dis.counted Autodesk, Corel, XP, Adobe, software for sale - qfta
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 23:19:00 +0300


Find lots of cheap software in our site, 

The popular programs 

Adobe PhotoShop CS 8.0 for only 40$, 
DVDXCopy Platinum 4.0.38 for 20$, 
Microsoft Office System Professional 2003 (5 cds) for 50$, 
Corel Draw 12 Graphic Suite (3 cds) for just 65$, 
Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.0 for 20$, 
and much, much more.... 

Take a look on the complete list! 

Wonder why our priices are unbelievably L0W?
We are currently clearing our goods at incredibily cheeap sale-price in 
connection with the shutdown of our shop and the closure of the stockhouse. 
Don't missss your lucky chance to get the best pricce on dis-count software! 

Georgina Pruitt

no thanks:

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