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From: joseph dauda
Date: Wed, 04 May 2005 17:06:24 +0200


Dear sir,

Greetings of the season,

I am a director with the federal ministry of finance was
instructed by the Hon. Minister of Finance to find out
before the end of this month, why your contract/ claim of
your fund have not been credited to your bank account,
However, why have you not received your payment up-till

after instructions has been passed to all various
Government parastatals that all over due contract/ claim
payments should be released as a lot of petitions by
beneficiary's is being received by the Minister.
Your bank details is what this office requires from you to
reconfirm the following informations below.
1. First and last names
2. Company name
3. Bank Account
4. International passport

Note: that your contractual file has been called for
immediate approval. You are requested as a matter of
urgency to furnish me with the following data so as to
enable the final computing authorization from the central
computing section of international remittance department of
ministry of finance to compute the data in their data base

However, you are meant to send the information to the
protocol officer of contract approval pannel for immediate
approval through the computing section of the ministry .
The person incharge for is Mr. paul freeman
Emial address: address@hidden
In view of this circumstances, I will give my assistance to
make sure your file is in order for payment as two unknown
people came for the claim of the funds and submitted bank
account claiming that you are sick.
You are advised to contact me upon reciept of this mail for
further breifing.
Please, do not fail to send a copy to me for record
Yours faithfully,
Mr.joseph dauda

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