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Notification of Unauthorized Third-party access. Please Confirm your Inf

From: address@hidden
Subject: Notification of Unauthorized Third-party access. Please Confirm your Information
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 09:13:26 +0800

Unauthorized Access!
Dear address@hidden,

We recently reviewed your account, and suspect that your PayPal account may have been accessed by an unauthorized third party.

Protecting the security of your account and of the PayPal network is our primary concern. Therefore, as a prevention measure, we have temporarily limited access to your PayPal account.

To Verify your information and Restore access to your account, follow these steps:

Please click on the link below to confirm your information and restore your account. For AOL users, you can copy and paste the link into the Address bar of your Web browser. You will be redirected to our secured server:

The link will take you to our Login page. Type in your PayPal email address and the password, click Login to access your account.

On the Account information page, fill in the Correct information to verify your identity and click Submit

After that, you will be able to login and access your account. Your PayPal account will have been restored. If you don't verify your ownership of the account in one week, we have to suspend your account for your safety.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate your assistance in helping us maintain the integrity of the entire PayPal system.


PayPal AntiFraud Department
PayPal, an eBay Company

PayPal Email ID PP 136 - 442
Protect Your Account Info
Make sure you never provide your password to fraudulent websites.

To safely and securely access the PayPal website or your account, open a new web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Netscape) and type in the PayPal URL to be sure you are on the real PayPal site.

PayPal will never ask you to enter your password in an email.

For more information on protecting yourself from fraud, please review our Security Tips at https://www.paypal.com/us/securitytips
Protect Your Password
You should never give your PayPal password to anyone, including PayPal employees.

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