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[patch] make sure static linking with included libs always works

From: Mike Frysinger
Subject: [patch] make sure static linking with included libs always works
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2005 22:49:13 -0400
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some compilers (like Darwin's gcc-4) will attempt to locate a shared library 
in the lib search path before searching for a static one ... the default 
behavior of gcc on linux is to search all library paths for static or shared 
versions of a library and use whichever it finds first (defaulting to shared 
if a path contains both static and shared)

so, doing '-L./lib/readline -lreadline' on Darwin will have the compiler 
search ./lib/readline then the system paths looking for a shared version of 
libreadline ... if it fails, it restarts looking for a static lib.  gcc would 
find libreadline.a in ./lib/readline first and just use that.  who knows what 
different compilers do :).

find attached a patch that will cause the build system to do -lreadline if 
building against the system readline or use ./lib/readline/libreadline.a if 
building against the included version ... no complications this way

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