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user not informed of inputrc errors

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: user not informed of inputrc errors
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2005 07:49:46 +0800

In the man page
needs its default value listed:
       history-preserve-point (Off)

P.S., let's say one just wants to turn it on for a couple of commands.
The man page's Readline Initialization section makes it seem that the
only chance of setting history-preserve-point is by putting it in an
inputrc file, and the only time the inputrc is read is at the birth of
a new shell. Nothing like set -o available. Hope it isn't true.

P.P.S., Here,
} Except where noted, readline variables can take the values On
} or Off. The variables and their default values are:
Mention that lowercase 'on' and 'off' are OK too.

PPPS, also mention the command to dump all the current readline
settings to the screen. All we see is how to set them, no command for
how to see their current values.

What's real bad is that the user is not told of any problems
encountered in reading inputrc.

The user could put
   set history-preserve-point on #cool!
there, and never be informed that that line was considered an error.
Yes the man page says comments must be on the beginning of lines.

The user could even put
in inputrc, with no error message that something was wrong.

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