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Info--not-a-bug: Have the same script run under win and bash

From: Luca Citi
Subject: Info--not-a-bug: Have the same script run under win and bash
Date: Thu, 05 Jan 2006 16:35:00 +0100

Hi all,
I have addressed the problem of having one single batch file being
executable both under Windows and Linux. Actually I wanted to run the
qmake command of QT4, a multiplatform library working under Windows
and Linux, from both OSes. I know many can reply that generally you
can have two different files, one for each OS, but I started with this
goal in mind and then it became a challenge. After trying a bit,
playing with the strangest tricks of the two batch languages (bat and
bash), I ended up with this solution. It is not very "clear" but it
works, even if it has the drawback of printing some instruction (echo
off, off, ..) at the beginning. If someone has a nicer solution please
do let me know.

Batch file: doqmake.bat

echo off
echo ; set +v # > NUL
echo ; function GOTO { true; } # > NUL

# bash part, replace it to suit your needs
qmake -project -nopwd -o $*
if [ -e qtoptions.txt ]
cat qtoptions.txt >> $1
rm -f Makefile*
read -p "Press Enter to continue..."
exit 0

REM win part, replace it to suit your needs
qmake -project -nopwd -o %*
IF EXIST qtoptions.txt TYPE qtoptions.txt >> %1
IF EXIST Makefile* DEL Makefile*

Luca Citi
Ph.D. Candidate, Biorobotic science and engineering
IMT - Institutions, Markets, Technologies
Lucca Institute for Advanced Studies - Italy
Via San Micheletto, 3
55100 Lucca - Italy

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