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RE: bash for cross-target

From: Yuri Karlsbrun
Subject: RE: bash for cross-target
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 16:31:15 -0800

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mike Frysinger [mailto:address@hidden
> > > 1. To complete build I had to comment out running test on cross-
> target.
> >
> > The usual solution for this is to create a config.cache file with the
> > correct values for the cache variables in question.
> or to figure out what the most sane value is based upon known information
> and
> default to that
> iirc, the configure test that failed for bash when cross-compiling did not
> come from bash, but from some autotool code ... but it's been a while
> since i
> cross-compiled bash ... what was the error Yuri ?
> -mike

You just cannot execute cross-compiled code on native platform...
Also mksignames utility is built using native headers (from /usr/include),
so signal name translation is incorrect for cross-target. As I understand
now, I have to add my host type in configure.in (currently we have 'cygwin',
'mingw' and 'ix86-beos'). Issues with signal names and native code execution
could be addressed there.


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