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Re: bash: no job control in this shell

From: Chet Ramey
Subject: Re: bash: no job control in this shell
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 15:06:46 -0400
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JimK wrote:

>> I was reading up more on pseudo-terminals
>> (https://www.linux.org/docs/ldp/howto/Text-Terminal-HOWTO-7.html) and it
>> mentioned checking which tty is attached to which process, so in my applet
>> I did a ps -eaf | grep bash and the bash my applet code starts up has
>> pts/11 (the same tty the bash where I start the applet program has) and I
>> did tty in the applet and it returned /dev/pts/8 which matches up with the
>> slave name openpty() returns.
>> I had also noticed that when I try to use 'less' in the applet, that I
>> can't get out, so when I Ctrl-C to kill my code in the bash shell I
>> started my applet from, the bash command line is now messed up. so I am
>> *guessing* even tho the "applet" bash tty returns /dev/pts/8,  when in
>> that applet bash I run the less command it is changing the attributes of
>> pts/11, so the interaction in the "applet" bash is not set up as it should
>> be, and my real bash window is now messed up ... plausible ?
>> And if that is plausible, I guess the next question is there any way to
>> use the slave name/tty to associate with the bash when I run it from my
>> applet ...?

You might want to look at examples/rlfe in the readline distribution.  It
does the same sort of front-end pty manipulation you;re interested in.

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