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question and/or enhancement request

From: Erick Wodarz
Subject: question and/or enhancement request
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 12:58:27 -0600

  I think the following is hard (or impossible?) using bash.  I want to
create a shell script that will ...

1.  Execute a program asynchronously, and return it's PID.
2.  Have the program read stdin from the shell's current stdout (or provide
a facility for that).
3.  Have the program read write stdout to the shell's current stdin (or
provide a facility for that).

I'm trying to write a test shell script to test how a program handle's
interrupts.  Hopefully this isn't terribly obvious how to do.  I've spent a
little time trying to acheive the above and have come up empty.

If the above isn't possible, does anybody have comments on the advisability
of putting and enhancment like this into bash?


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