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A wonderful idea about shell!

From: donglongchao
Subject: A wonderful idea about shell!
Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 13:28:01 +0800 (CST)

 Dear Sir or Madam:
          I have a wonderful idea about shell(GNU bash, version 
3.2.39(1)-release (i486-pc-linux-gnu)).
          I think current shell is not convenient enough for us and It isn't 
scientific which is called The Principle of Location.
          For example,I am a beginner and I often need to carry out many 
commands I carried out just now for the sake of more masterly.While I found it 
hard because when I want to continue my following commands,I have to back and 
back again and again to find the next one I need,although it is just very near 
to the commands I execute just now.The only reason maybe is that the point of 
current command is pointing to the end of the whole list of commands,but not 
the location of the command which is just executed.
          I don not know the datastructure and the organization of the whole 
command-list,but I guess there are much redundancy of data in it.Maybe we could 
change it and remove the surplus data.We could put the current point to the 
location of the command which is just executed by us,so that we could find the 
near commands we need immediately,and don not need to press the key of 'up' or 
'down' many many times.
           We are so smart that we are so lazy,so I think it is a wonderful 
idea.While if it is not comfortable for other users or it is hard to have a 
change,I think we should at least add a options to finish this function for us 
           That is all.I am looking forward for your mail.
            Wish you happy!
        PS:I am sorry,I am a Chinese and my English language is a little 
terrible.If it is hard for you to understand what I write,you can tell me .So I 
could write it again in Chinese language.It will be much easier to 


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