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Bash for OS/2

From: Brendan Oakley
Subject: Bash for OS/2
Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 17:46:45 -0700


With some effort and help, I have Bash 3.1 built and mostly working
under OS/2. This uses gcc 3.3.5 with "kLIBC" 0.6.3, rather than the
old EMX tools. 3.2 needs a bit more work, and some of the patches
might need some more polish. My questions:

Are you interested in these patches?

If so, would you prefer I submit them in bits, for each individual
fix, or do you want to see the whole thing in one big patch?

Will you accept them now even though the effort is not yet complete,
or would you rather I had Bash 3.2 working 100% with perfect style
before you want to see it?


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