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removing null elements from an array

From: Poor Yorick
Subject: removing null elements from an array
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 23:12:47 +0000

To get rid of null elements in an array, I currently do something like this: 

    bash-3.2$ var1=("with spaces" "more spaces" '' "the end")
    bash-3.2$ for v in "address@hidden"; do if test "$v"; then var2+=("$v"); 
fi; done
    bash-3.2$ echo address@hidden
    bash-3.2$ printf '%s\n' "address@hidden"
    with spaces
    more spaces
    the end

Is there any other more concise way?  It would be nice to avoid the second
variable by doing something like this:

    bash-3.2$ var1=("address@hidden:-}")

Is it a feasible syntax for future releases?


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