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Re: Strange change between bash-3.2 and bash-4.0

From: Archimerged Ark Submedes
Subject: Re: Strange change between bash-3.2 and bash-4.0
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 04:16:20 -0500

Ulrich Drepper in comment 6 to redhat bug 483385 links to
austin-group-l, item 11863 by Geoff Clare:


Geoff Clare writes: [...]

I think the description of -e should be replaced by:

    -e When this option is on, if either
          * a pipeline, or
          * a simple command that is not in a pipeline
       fails for any of the reasons listed in Section 2.8.1 (on page
       2315) or returns an exit status value >0, and is not part of
       the compound list following a while, until, or if keyword, and
       is not a part of an AND or OR list, and is not a pipeline
       beginning with the ! reserved word, then the shell shall
       immediately exit.

Geoff Clare <address@hidden>
The Open Group, Thames Tower, Station Road, Reading, RG1 1LX, England

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