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Re: No tilde expansion right after a quotation

From: Angel Tsankov
Subject: Re: No tilde expansion right after a quotation
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 01:33:10 +0200

Paul Jarc wrote:
> Jon Seymour <address@hidden> wrote:
>> If the builtin echo fails it will be because the bash interpreter has
>> suffered a catastrophic failure of some kind [ e.g. run out of memory
>> ]. Once that has happened, all bets are off anyway.
> Probably true, but command substitution forks a separate process, so
> that can fail for reasons external to the bash process.

If process creation fails will $? will be set accordingly :-)

> Here's another possibility:
> CPATH=${CPATH:+$CPATH:}${#+~usr1/blah/blah}

That's clever!


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