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Re: Possible bash build bug?

From: George R. Goffe
Subject: Re: Possible bash build bug?
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2009 12:44:28 -0800
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No appreciable change in behavior... I added my script that I use to build all the free software I build to the beginning of the log.



Chet Ramey wrote:
George R. Goffe wrote:

I'm trying to build this bash version (4.0 rc1) and am having problems.

I'm enclosing a build log and am willing to test any changes you might
send me or suggest.

I have tried building with the latest readline (6.0) and have tried a
couple of different options without any success. Here's the latest build
log file.

I'll have to try it myself, but not many people build bash for profiling
with gprof.  Can you tell me what you're trying to do with that?  Have
you tried configuring without that?


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