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M-. rings bell if empty

From: jidanni
Subject: M-. rings bell if empty
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 2009 03:50:22 +0800

Type "# RET ESC ."
Bash replies with a ^G
Wouldn't it be more polite to just do nothing, instead of waking up the 

$ expr 2 + 2
$ #e=mcHammer <-here I typed ESC #
$ e=mc        <-here I type ESC . ESC . in order to get the "2", but
after the first ESC . I must endure the ^G slap in the face, before
being allowed to climb back up to get the 2. There I was playing secret
agent man with the formula and you had to ring/flash, alerting the N.
Korean border guards.

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