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Re: bash-3.2 multibyte behavior on Solaris

From: Jan Hnatek
Subject: Re: bash-3.2 multibyte behavior on Solaris
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 12:54:44 +0200
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Hi Chet,

thanks for the patch. Tested both on x86
and sparc with no additional problem.
Sorry for inconvenience, it could have
been sorted out in patch 49.
Will this come out as patch 50?


Chet Ramey wrote:
Jan Hnatek wrote:
Chet Ramey wrote:
So what does the Solaris mbrtowc return in this case?  The flow of that
particular section of code isn't that great (bash-4.0 is better), but it
seems to me that point can only increase.  If mbrtowc returns -2, the
loop won't be entered at all.
I've checked it and looks to do the following
(correct me if I'm wrong):
- tmp is unsigned
- mbrtowc returns -2
- tmp > 0 is true and loop is entered

Sure, but tmp is unsigned.  It must be integer promotion happening
that I overlooked.

Try the bash-4.0/readline-6.0 version of the code, which I've attached.


Jan Hnatek

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