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Re: $\n doesn't get expanded between double-quotes

From: Richard Neill
Subject: Re: $\n doesn't get expanded between double-quotes
Date: Fri, 03 Jul 2009 17:47:42 +0100
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Thanks for your reply.

        Bash allows escape characters to be embedded by using the $'\n'  
syntax. However, unlike all other $variables,
        this doesn't work with embedded newlines. I think it should.

        X="a$'\n'b c"
        echo "$X"

        expect to see:
                b c

        actually see:
                a$'\n'b c

$'\n' should be expanded within double-quotes, like other variables are. Otherwise, please correct the man-page to make it clearer.

   $'\n' is not a variable. As the man page says:

            Words of the form $'string' are treated specially.

   Note "Words". Inside double quotes, $'\n' is not a word.

I agree that this is technically correct. However, it violates the principle of least-surprise, which is that, in bash, the $ symbol always expands the value of the thing after it, (with the exceptions of
'$' and \$ .)

(On re-reading the man-page, I agree that the documentation is consistent with your explanation; though it still appears more likely to imply mine)

        If this is a feature, not a bug, then is there a better way to include 
newlines in a variable-assignment?
        The syntax    X="a"$'\n'"b c"    will do it, but that is really really 

X=$'a\nb c'

This is still a missing feature: how to embed newlines in double-quoted bash string assignment:

For example, if I want to write:

EMAIL_BODY="Dear $NAME,$'\n\n'Here are the log-files for $(date)$'\n\n'Regards,$'\n\n'$SENDER"

then this doesn't work. There are ways around it, such as:
  - building up the string in pieces or
  - EMAIL_BODY=$(echo -e "$EMAIL_BODY")

but it's really ugly to do.

As I imagine that nobody uses the current $'\n' inside double-quotes, may I request this as a functionality change?

Best wishes,


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