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Re: Bash script file naming problem?

From: Ken Irving
Subject: Re: Bash script file naming problem?
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 10:13:02 -0800
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On Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 07:36:31PM -0700, michael rice wrote:
> Is there a problem with naming a bash script file "script"? I'm using Fedora 
> 11.
> ...
> [michael@localhost ~]$ cat ./bin/script
> #!/bin/bash
> # Sample shell script
> echo "The date today is `date`"
> echo Your shell is $SHELL
> echo Your home directory is $HOME
> echo The processes running on your system are shown below:
> ps
> [michael@localhost ~]$ script
> Script started, file is typescript

The "which" command is useful to see how a command will be resolved.  If 
you type:

    which script

you'll likely see something other than what you're expecting.


Ken Irving, fnkci@uaf.edu
Water and Environmental Research Center
Institute of Northern Engineering
University of Alaska, Fairbanks

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