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Re: xtrace output on new file descriptor

From: Marc Herbert
Subject: Re: xtrace output on new file descriptor
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 09:40:14 +0000
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Brian J. Murrell a écrit :
> Is equally difficult?

Do you mean "equally difficult" as in "impossible"? Then I would say no,
it looks easier :-)

> Or can I more easily play with FD duplication and redirection to
> achieve that, even if it means adding a ">&word" at the end of things
> I want on the real stdout?

I guess the answer is yes. You cannot redirect the output of "set -x",
but you can redirect your own outputs.

# Duplicate a descriptor to stdout to escape redirections, like for
# instance in command substitution.

        echo "this is a message the user should see on stdout" 

    echo "this is the function return value"

echo "bar==$bar"

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