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Re: best way to test for empty dir?

From: Antonio Macchi
Subject: Re: best way to test for empty dir?
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 16:05:55 +0100
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[ -e "foo" -o -L "foo" -a ! -e "foo" ]

it has no sense doing twice the "-e" test

$ ln -s nonexistent foo

$ [ -e "foo" -o -L "foo" -a ! -e "foo" ] && echo ok || echo ko

$ [ -e "foo" -o -L "foo" ] && echo ok || echo ko

as you can see, the first "-e" check imply the second one
(aka, if the first "-e" is false, necessarily the second one will be true...)

maybe you have "too rougly" join the trick to check a broken link

-L "foo" -a ! -e "foo"

but in this particular case you don't have to check "only" broken links, but every file, broken links included...

so every file but broken links is "-e"
links and broken links is "-L"

join together -e and -L
every file, included links and broken links


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