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TCSH-like underscore-dash ignore completition?

From: OERNii
Subject: TCSH-like underscore-dash ignore completition?
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 14:10:53 -0800 (PST)

Hi, I had made switch to bash after a decade of tcsh and mostly, I am pleased
;-) However there is one particular feature of tcsh which I miss very much
and that is the ignoration of undescrores or dashes. Just as upper and lower
case characters are treated the same (when I have "set
completion-ignore-case on"), in TCSH I could do the same with '_' and '-'.

Any chance some of you know how to do this in bash?

PS: here is and excerpt from tcsh man-page:

    If the complete shell variable is set to ‘enhance', completion 1)
ignores case and 2) considers periods, hyphens and underscores (‘.', ‘-' and
‘_') to be word separators and hyphens and underscores to be
    equivalent. If you had the following files

    comp.lang.c comp.lang.perl comp.std.c++
    comp.lang.c++ comp.std.c

    and typed ‘mail -f c.l.c[tab]', it would be completed to ‘mail -f
comp.lang.c', and ^D would list ‘comp.lang.c' and ‘comp.lang.c++'. ‘mail -f
c..c++[^D]' would list ‘comp.lang.c++' and ‘comp.std.c++'.
    Typing ‘rm a--file[^D]' in the following directory

    A_silly_file a-hyphenated-file another_silly_file

    would list all three files, because case is ignored and hyphens and
underscores are equivalent. Periods, however, are not equivalent to hyphens
or underscores.
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