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Query regarding ${parameter:-word} usage

From: Mun
Subject: Query regarding ${parameter:-word} usage
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 16:51:02 -0800
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I am moving from ksh93 to bash and have a question regarding the usage
of ${parameter:-word} parameter expansion.

In ksh, I use ${*:-.} as an argument to commands.  For example:

   function ll
      ls --color -Flv ${*:-.}

This technique passes '.' as an arg to 'ls' if I didn't pass any args on
the command line (as I'm sure you all already know).  But this does not
work with bash; nor have I been able to come up with a technique that
accomplishes the same thing.  My only workaround so far is to put an
'if' loop around the 'ls' that tests $# and takes the appropriate branch
depending on the number of args (i.e., 0 or non-zero).

Any suggestions would be welcomed.  Thanks in advance.


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