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Re: command_not_found_handle not called if "command" includes a slash

From: Jan Schampera
Subject: Re: command_not_found_handle not called if "command" includes a slash
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2009 10:30:40 +0100
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Ken Irving schrieb:

> Description:
>     I'm not sure this is a bug, but I notice that the
>     command_not_found_handle function is not called if the "command" has a
>     slash in it.  I can't find anywhere in the bash source producing the
>     "No such file ..."  error message, so I guess this is being caught
>     somewhere else before bash gets the command line to process.
>     The behavior is not new; a second example is included below from v3.2,
>     showing the same error message when the bad command looks like a path.
>     I'd like to dig into this, to see if there's any hope of hooking into
>     this case in order to provide a handler, but have no idea where to look.
>     Is there any hope for this?

>From what I can see, the hook function is only triggered when a PATH
search returns no result. A given relative or absolute filename doesn't
trigger a PATH search.

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