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A Feature Request for History

From: Jayesh Badwaik
Subject: A Feature Request for History
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2011 12:48:49 +0530
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I am a linux user and I use bash for various purposes. It is often that I have 
multiple instances of bash opened up and their are various commands that I've 
entered everywhere. Every now and then I want a command from one of the 
instances of bash to be used in another instance. In that case, the history of 
bash is not that useful since it is quiet linear in nature and does not store 
history of all bash instances.

I would like to propose another method of storing the history, just like git 
stores its commits, by using the some kind of hash of the command. Every 
command that has been entered can then be stored in some file and when calling 
history, the file can be pulled up and displayed. Also, we can rerun the 
command using the hash in the same way we use the command number. We can also 
leave the command number option open for local history (for that particular 
instance only).

Cheers and Regards
Jayesh Vinay Badwaik
Electronics and Communication Engineering
VNIT, Nagpur

"We are servants rather than masters in mathematics" -- Charles Hermite

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