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Re: Built-in printf Sits Awkwardly with UDP.

From: Ralph Corderoy
Subject: Re: Built-in printf Sits Awkwardly with UDP.
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2011 15:28:48 +0100

Hi André,

> > When printf is finished the buffer is flushed, e.g. if there's
> > anything in it then write(2) is called.
> If standard output is a log file, log entries could remain latent for
> a very long time.

I don't see why.  I'm not asking for buffering across multiple calls to
the built-in printf but for non-line buffering *within* the processing
of one printf.

    printf 'foo\nbar\n'   # One write(2) preferred, not the current two.

    printf foo   # One write(1),
    printf bar   # the second write(1).

The stdio buffer should always be flushed at the end of each printf
command, to do otherwise would break too many things and be
non-sensical.  It also wouldn't match the behaviour of calling the
/usr/bin printf.

Cheers, Ralph.

P.S.  Please keep me CC'd.

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