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[patches] small improvements to the bashref.texi document

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [patches] small improvements to the bashref.texi document
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2011 21:46:18 +0200


In section 4.1 (Bourne Shell Builtins) of the bash info document, 
the builtin `test' lacks a synopsis, making its description refer to 
an unmentioned EXPR.  In section 4.2 the synopsis of `declare' lacks 
the option -g, and te synopsis of `let' lacks dots after the second 
EXPRESSION (giving the impression that let takes at most two args).  
The synopses of `mapfile' and `readarray' are line-wrapped at an 
inconvennient place: right after an opening bracket.  The synopsis 
of `read' is not prewrapped at all and gets line-wrapped often in 
midword (in the PDF it runs off the page).

The first of the attached patched fixes all that, plus removes some 
@code{} markers from @examples (where in the rest of the document 
they are not used), doublespaces the beginning of some sentences, 
puts a blank line before and after the `until', `while' and `for' 
builtins in section (as the builins in the next section also 
use that format), replaces @var{} markers with @env{} markers where 
appropriate in the description of `coproc' (and marks the full name 
as a variable name and not just the NAME part), splits the function 
example into two separate examples, removes a few references to the 
`typeset' command (since these give the impression that `typeset' 
is somehow different from `declare'), adds capitals to some words in 
the description of `printf', and marks some options with @option{} 
instead of @code{} or @samp{}.

The second patch closes a parenthesis and fixes several markup 
mistakes in the description of Arrays (resulting in quoting errors 
such as `name['SUBSCRIPT`]='VALUE).

In section 4.2 the synopses of `alias', `bind', `declare' and 
`unalias' are followed by a blank line, the other synopses are not.  
As in my opinion things look better with a blank line, the third 
patch adds this line for all builtin commands.  It also replaces 
two mistaken words "section" with "chapter", and replaces a literal 
three dots with the @dots{} marker.

In most of the document "filename" is spelled as one word.  The 
fourth patch changes the few occurences of "file name" to be the 
same, and corrects a "white space" to "whitespace".

When doing 'info bash' followed by <5> <1> <Tab> <Tab>, the cursor 
sits at *Note Printing a Prompt:: in the description of `PS1'.  
Hitting <Enter> brings the cursor to the word "non-printing" 
somewhere near the end of the "Printing a Prompt" node, instead of 
to the top of that node.  This is due to some strange heuristic of 
the Info reader when node name and section name are not equal.  The 
fifth patch therefore equalizes node and section name, and tries to 
improve two of the description lines.

In section 6.8.1 (Directory Stack Builtins) the synopses of `popd' 
and `pushd' use a different ordering of the arguments:
  popd [+N | -N] [-n]
  pushd [-n] [+N | -N | DIR ]
The sixth patch equalizes this to option first, also for the `dirs' 
command.  It also removes a superfluous space, and removes a 
duplicated 'cd dir' at the end and corrects its markup.

(The patches need to be applied in order, as some change places
that were changed before.  Later on I'll have some markup fixes
for the man page as well.)



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