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Re: accents

From: Thomas De Contes
Subject: Re: accents
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2011 15:22:18 +0200

Le 25 août 2011 à 15:35, Chet Ramey a écrit :

>> Le 25 août 2011 à 14:17, Chet Ramey a écrit :
>>>> so, wcwidth is apple's responsibility, then no libre-software developer 
>>>> can do anything,
>>>> Am I right ?
>>> To a certain extent, yes.  wcwidth is a libc function, and it has a bug
>>> on Mac OS X.
>> Well, libc is a part of linux, isn't it ?
> Sure, Linux has a libc, but Mac OS X isn't Linux.
>> Does that mean that it is a part of Darwin, not of proprietary layers of Mac 
>> OS X ?
> Yes, I'm sure that part of the C library is part of Darwin.  It's 
> theoretically
> possible to fix it and send the fix back to Apple.  What they do with that fix
> is their business, of course.

thank you for explanations :-)

>> (How can I know when it will be available ?)
> I can put you in the testing pool, if you'd like.

no thank you,
because i use MacPorts to install all unix tools i need, and i don't know how 
to insert a testing stuff in MacPorts mechanism

on the other hand, if there is a way for bash to not display special characters 
on the interactive line,
i suppose it can be useful to know how to do that in many cases, for example if 
i switch on a new platform, waiting for making special characters to be 
displayed correctly
(Is it correct english enough ?)

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