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Purge History of rm commands

From: Roger
Subject: Purge History of rm commands
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2011 21:18:02 -0800
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I'm stumped on this as my history is in the format of:

$ tail ~/.bash_history
man bash
bash -xv
screen -rd

Is there a method of purging the history off all rm commands with such a file
format?  I've tried using history | find | grep | sed, but the history doesn't
accept more then one history command line number.

I'm guessing the next easiest method is to learn awk/gawk so I can edit the
above .bash_history file.

The easiest method, just open the history file with VI/VIM and start deleting
the 20 or so lines... which I'll likely start doing now. ;-)

... or did I miss something?


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