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Re: address@hidden mailing list

From: Timothy Madden
Subject: Re: address@hidden mailing list
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2011 14:41:30 +0200
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On 22.11.2011 20:06, Bob Proulx wrote:
Clark J. Wang wrote:
  This list distributes, to the active maintainers of BASH (the Bourne
  Again SHell), bug reports and fixes for, and suggestions for
  improvements in BASH.  User discussion of BASH also occurs here.

My understanding is Chet wants "User discussion of BASH" to go to
help-bash@gnu.org so I think "User discussion of BASH also occurs here."
should be removed from here. Or people will be confused which list they
should post to.

Good comment.  I removed that sentence.  When I read that I saw the
"of BASH" part and that seemed reasonable.  The problem is that people
have different definitions.  If they were really talking about bash
itself then that would be fine.  Discussion of bash itself.  But
instead they are talking about all manor of other things that are only
vaguely related to bash.

In addition to that removal I added another.  To encourage use of the
new list help-bash I added the second sentence to this paragraph as

   The help-bash@gnu.org is a different list for discussion of bash and
   shell programming.  If in doubt, post there first.

And in case anyone is curious as to what text we have been talking
about it is the text that shows up here, and related places:


Is the 'htlp-gnu-utils@gnu.org' list on the help-bash info page meant to be 'help-gnu-utils@gnu.org' (note 'help' instead of 'htlp' in the list name) ?
Can the list info on the web be updated ?

Timothy Madden

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