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Re: Bash readline remap ESC insert/command mode key

From: Roger
Subject: Re: Bash readline remap ESC insert/command mode key
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2012 22:12:54 -0900
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> On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 09:58:18PM -0900, Roger wrote:
>I use vi mode for Bash's realine and want to remap the ESC key to double 'ii' 
>and ';;' instead of having to remove my hands from the keyboard to tap the ESC 
>From what I see, I would be using something similar to:
>$ bind -m vi-command '"ii": <toggle insert/command mode command>'
>Second issue, I'm not sure of the command to use for toggling insert/command 
>mode. (ie. bind -l)  I think the two commands are vi-insertion-mode and 
>I do know double key taps works such as the 'dd' key press sequence to delete 
>line, but only while in vi-movement mode or AKA command mode.
>Any ideas?  I'm all Googled-out over this one.

Ah. A new Google search got me a solution.

bind -m vi-command '"ii": vi-insertion-mode'
bind -m vi-insert '"ii": vi-movement-mode'

Or the following should work (untested here) using $HOME/.inputrc:

$if mode=vi

    set keymap vi-command
    "ii": vi-insertion-mode

    set keymap vi-insert
    "ii": vi-movement-mode



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