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Re: Wedding App

From: seo10
Subject: Re: Wedding App
Date: Wed, 2 May 2012 06:36:31 -0700 (PDT)
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On Thursday, February 9, 2012 12:48:36 PM UTC+5:30, kevin wrote:
> iWedPlanner is a wedding planner which provides all the features
> necessary to plan and organize your wedding. The wedding app
> periodically reminds about the forthcoming events to make the plan
> well organized. The app also provides information about the wedding
> rings, wedding dresses, wedding cakes, wedding flowers etc through
> various vendors. The entire wedding planning is just in your hands.
> Just plan your wedding with "iWedplanner" and have a happy wedding.
> The features included in iWedPlanner are mentioned below:
> 1. My Wedding To-Do List:
> ●The user will be able to View To Do List, Completed List, Incomplete
> List.
> ●The To Do List is divided into two types: Category Wise To Do List
> and Duration Wise To Do List.
> ●The user can also add personal tasks, delete personal tasks.
> ●The email alert feature helps to alert the user monthly alert, weekly
> alert and daily alert.
> 2. Resources: The bride or bridegroom will be able to find the vendor
> details for the categories mentioned below:
> ● Accessories
> ● Entertainment
> ● Family
> ● Gift & Flowers
> ● Hotels
> ● Invitation stores
> ● Restaurants
> ● Wedding Jewelry
> ● Wedding Venue
> ● Wedding Dresses
> ● Wedding Cakes
> The bride or bridegroom can also add vendor details.
> 3. My Wedding Day: The My Wedding Day shows the countdown of number of
> Days, number of Months, number of Hours And Number of Minutes left for
> the wedding day.
> 4. Organizer: Features in the Organizer section:
> ●Add Quick Notes
> ●Add Appointments
> ●Add Contact Details
> ●Gift Tracker
> ●Integration with Facebook
> ●Integration with Twitter
> ●First Dance Songs
> ●FAQs
> 5. My Reminder: The “My Reminder” feature helps to send reminders to
> the bride or bridegroom one day, three days or five days before.
> 6. RSVP The bride or bridegroom can send RSVP to the guests for
> Engagement, Wedding and Reception events. Features included in RSVP:
> ●Guest Invite
> ●Invitation Sent List
> ●Guest Response
> ●Guests List: The Guests List is divided into three different
> categories such as Engagement Guests List, Wedding Guests List and
> Reception Guests List. In each category, the user can view the list of
> family guests, list of friend’s guests, list of co-workers, list of
> relatives and list of VIP’s invited.
> ●Function Arrangements
> ●Occasion List: The Occasion list helps to view the overall list of
> guests invited for Engagement, Wedding and Reception.
> ●List of All Guests: The bride or bridegroom can see the list of all
> guests.
> 7. Seating Arrangement: Seating Arrangements are divided into three
> categories for Engagement, Wedding and Reception.
> ●The bride or bridegroom will be able to assign the seats to the
> guests invited for Engagement, Wedding and Reception.
> ●Table can be defined by specifying number of adult and kids seats.
> ●Can view the summary of tables defined.
> ●Can view the summary of Seating Assigned Guests List.
> ●Can view the summary of Seating not Assigned Guests List.
> ●Can do Family Wise Seat Assignment.
> ●Can do Group Wise Seat Assignment.
> ●Can view the summary of Family Wise Seat Assignment.
> ●Can view the summary of Group Wise Seat Assignment.
> ●Can view the summary of Table Wise Seating Assignment Status.
> ●Can view Total Seating Assignment Status.
> 8. Budget Calculation: Budget can be calculated for the items needed
> for the wedding. “Planner Dashboard” provides Actual cost incurred,
> Estimated cost, Amount paid, Amount need to be paid, Bride
> contributions, Groom contributions and other’s contributions.
> Visit Website:
> http://www.iwedplanner.com
> Download iPhone,iPod touch, iPad App:
> http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iwedplanner-the-wedding-planner/id408373537?mt=8
> Download Android App:
> https://market.android.com/details?id=com.sentientit.newiwedplanner

It's a nice app. Thanks to Sharing this wonderful wedding app .....

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