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bashref.texi typos

From: Andreas Schwab
Subject: bashref.texi typos
Date: Wed, 30 May 2012 22:26:46 +0200
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diff --git a/doc/bashref.texi b/doc/bashref.texi
index 19c56c1..9fa99dc 100644
--- a/doc/bashref.texi
+++ b/doc/bashref.texi
@@ -1795,7 +1795,7 @@ Bash uses the value of the variable formed from the rest 
 expanded and that value is used in the rest of the substitution, rather
 than the value of @var{parameter} itself.
 This is known as @code{indirect expansion}.
-The exceptions to this are the expansions of address@hidden@address@hidden@}
+The exceptions to this are the expansions of address@hidden@address@hidden
 and address@hidden@var{name}[@@address@hidden
 described below.
 The exclamation point must immediately follow the left brace in order to
@@ -8053,7 +8053,7 @@ which matches @var{pattern} and replaces it with 
@var{replacement} in
 the value of @code{var}, is available (@pxref{Shell Parameter Expansion}).
-The expansion @address@hidden@address@hidden expansion, which expands to
+The expansion @address@hidden@address@hidden, which expands to
 the names of all shell variables whose names begin with @var{prefix},
 is available (@pxref{Shell Parameter Expansion}).


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